We provide software vendors/creators/coders comprehensive independent software product testing and QA services that guarantees highest quality, reliability, low cost, and unhindered usability. Our testing team use their exponential error cheking skills and experience in core software testing services to make sure all features of an application, including its service potential, market requirements, cross browser testing, compatibility testing, performance load, and associated security concerns are thoroughly tested and verified. Our competency in selecting the best tools and crafting customized methodologies for application, system, mobile, website and security testing services assure clients full value for their outsourcing initiatives.

As an engineering discipline, testing requires special tools, methodologies, skills, knowledge, experience and talent. Our testing team of testers put mobile, web and desktop applications to the test on real devices. Having a wide set of tools and means as well as the most advanced testing technologies As such, our testing team provides the most effective solutions. We combine theoretical knowledge with practical skills to ensure the project that the outcome is integrated and comprehensive.

Testing Services

We provide testing servides in the following fields
  • System testing
  • Integration testing
  • Functional testing
  • Network testing
  • Platform testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Performance testing
  • Business workflow testing
  • Business process testing
  • Website testing
  • Desktop application testing
  • Mobile app testing
  • Database testing
  • Cross Browser testing
  • Security testing
  • UI/UX testing

Independent Testing

As a coder/creator of software, you may wonder as to why you should test your software creation independently by us, while you still have a team. The advantages that we provide are :

  • Dedicated software testing teams who understand and adopt client business flow and the constraints and resources of development teams.
  • Ensurance that software specifications and requirements are thoroughly examined and validated both as units and in integrated mode guaranteeing unfailing performance
  • Regular compliance and quality tracking ensuring identifications of defects and explicit compatibility test
  • Focus on satisfying all functional and non-functional parameters, boundary conditions, performance measurements, portability features, and security framework assures robust software product testing
  • Testing of UI/UX features so as to satisfy user requirements with ease
  • Full checking of security flaws, if testing for security is specified by you.

Support for Testing

We provide full support for all testing solutions undertaken by us which includes
  • Interractive feedback and testing with consumer/coder development team
  • Testing as per general norms & accepted specifications
  • Testing report in printed format as well as soft copy
  • Sound technical and cost effective suggestions to improve quality and user experience
  • 24x7 support
  • Talk, Chat or eMail our support team 24x7 and get immediate response

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